• Hi! My name is Aida and I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach! I’ve always been so passionate about health, wellness and best of all – crafting delicious food. Through Early Riser, my goal is simple – to bring healthier and better tasting alternatives of imported sugar-dense breakfast cereals and nut butters through using incredibly powerful superfoods. Being a lover of travel, my experience around the globe revolved around tasting food from different cultures and the pursuit for the best local products in grocery stores; my suitcase always came back filled with all kinds of local food products!

    After 12 years of a career in consultancy and research experience, I took a leap of faith to follow my passion. Getting pregnant with my first child was my turning point. Bringing better food habits and lifestyles to myself and my family and pursing something I love has become on the top of my priorities. What originally started as a hobby of endless baking to family and friends, quickly turned into a dream of building the biggest healthy (and delicious!) snack business in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region, and with that came the creation of Early Riser.

    Currently, Early Riser operates as a family-run Bahraini business which specializes in handcrafted, nutrient-dense granolas and nut butters that are unlike anything else in the market.

    We pride ourselves on creating unique granola flavors and nut butter blends and putting a modern twist on age-old recipes. Our products contain no artificial additives, preservatives or soy, and are made with innovative, wholesome ingredients, namely, ancient grains, superfoods such as organic hemp, chia and flaxseeds, organic maple syrup, organic coconut sugar and organic coconut oil.

    We also strive to translate who we are and our lifestyle into this brand to bring healthy habits to our consumers. For us, this revolves around morning routines such as waking up at the break of dawn, watching the sunrise, starting the day with movement and exercise, spending time with our family and loved ones and devouring a delicious nutritious breakfast before jump-starting our day. Early Riser’s prevalent vision is to bring positive changes to the community, no matter how small.